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Romantic Satin Hearts Valentines Wedding Day Decorations

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Color — Blue

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    Product information:

    Product Name: Peach Heart Petals

    Material: cloth + sponge

    Specification: 3.5cm price, another 2cm 5cm specification

    Color: pink, red, blue, purple, rose red, white


    1. Used as hand-throwing flowers/hand-spreading flowers at the wedding scene. Compared with traditional artificial flowers, it has a more refined, three-dimensional image and appeal; 2. Used as a diy in wedding cars, wedding beds, coffee tables, windowsills, etc. Decoration use; three, used for the placement of letter shapes such as I LOVE YOU at the marriage proposal; four, used as accessories for some crafts and clothing, shoes and hats; five, after printing the logo on the sponge heart, it can be used for more Festive occasions.

    Color: Red 3.5 cm, White 3.5 cm, Purple 3.5 cm, Blue 3.5 cm, Pink 3.5 cm, Rose 3.5 cm

    Packing list:

    Packing 1000 pcs/bag of 3.5cm